Application Management

Getting the most from your IT investment and driving business growth depends on effective management of your enterprise information systems. Enhancing the performance and value of your applications, however, is no easy task, especially in today’s business world. Tight IT budgets, increased IT complexity, time-to-market pressures and changing business requirements make it difficult for companies to ensure their applications are delivering maximum value. T|Street can help. We offer full spectrum application management services that deliver the expertise, skills, solutions and quality you need to successfully build, run and evolve your enterprise applications.



Experience and Expertise 

  • Managing applications for large companies across the globe
  • Long-term partnerships with leading organizations in targeted industry sectors, including financial services, telecom and utilities, government and healthcare, manufacturing, and retail and distribution
  • Empowered local teams backed by global resources with a
    strong track record of quality delivery and high client satisfaction


Speciality Services


Application Development Services. Concept, design and delivery of applications.


Portfolio management and modernization. Evolution management of applications portfolios.


Business Intelligence. Organization, visualization and analysis of a company’s most valued data to provide better insight and foresight.


Quality Management. Experienced IT professionals to aid in testing and quality assurance.


Geospatial Information Systems. Geospatial data solutions which include design, architecture, implementation, analytics and integration for geospatial systems and databases.


Mobile Application Development. Mobile application development across multiple platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows.


Security Services. Comprehensive range of security solutions that identify and address threats and compliance risk before they become an issue.


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