Why We have a Competitive Advantage over Traditional Staffing Companies

At T |Street, we actually have an internal technology practice. Plainly put, staffing companies don't. Staffing companies rely on account reps whose job it is to get requisitions (job assignments). Typically, they have very little real world business management experience, let alone, technology experience. When given an assignment (or job description) by the client, they hand the requisition over to a recruiter. From there, with limited technology management knowledge or business leadership experience, they pursue a hit-and-miss recruiting effort which leads to an assortment of resume submissions to the client. This drags the client into the time-consuming role of doing the front-end assessment of candidates. Staffing companies are simply not designed to employ technology leaders in their branch offices. In the end, staffing company practices lead to many time-wasting interviews to be held by their clients that only serve to delay project or assignment starts.

By contrast, when we receive an assignment, we know exactly what the client requirement is because we understand business drivers and technology. There is no guesswork. In fact, no T |Street resource is presented to our clients without our being familiar with his or her work, or, at minimum, thouroughly being assessed by our internal technology leadership. In the end, this saves time and makes for a much smoother process. The bottom line is that with our workflow process, projects and assignments get initiated much more rapidly, undeniably.

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