Service Level Agreement

T|STREET can help you  meet the demands being placed on internal IT departments to develop comprehensive sets of SLAs (service level agreements) to help manage services and to ensure that full value is delivered to the end business. Increasingly,  internal IT departments must guarantee specific performance levels in many key  areas of their organization and execute against mean-time-to-resolve when  problems occur. This makes it imperative for both IT and end-users to move to the next level of SLA management by instituting a set of best practices that  can be applied continuously to a SLA that not only assures that SLAs are  steadfastly met, but also that lines of communication among everyone engaged in  the process of service delivery and receipt stay open and unencumbered. T|Street understands what is required to work within  these demands and is equipped to develop best practices which should be applied when developing and managing a SLA.


SLA Development and Execution Best Practice

Keeping clear lines of demarcation
At  the time an SLA agreement is entered into, lines of demarcation are drawn up  and agreed to by all participants detailing who is responsible for what. Clear  lines of demarcation and active communication-loops serve to minimize the  problems that can ignite during problem identification and resolution.

Regular communication
T|Street employs a communication-discipline to ensure  parties to any SLA agreement meet regularly, whether or not there are problems.  With efficient, yet rigorous precision scheduling, SLA performance can be  reviewed and also tuned.

SLA tune-ups 
T|Street understands SLA tune-ups are extremely important to give its clients,  clients’ end-users, and business partners regular opportunities to revisit SLAs and possible revisions to those SLAs based upon new information.

Contract enforcement
T|Street can design and execute against reward and performance systems to link performance to ensure the SLA cycle is effectively completed.

Linkage back to business value
T|Street, along with its clients and  business users, develops and links SLA performance to the business values that  are to be delivered. We understand diligent SLA management is absolutely  required from the onset of the contract through service delivery and the ultimate analysis of effectiveness (and value) of service quality.

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