Founding Partners

T|Street was formed by partners, who collectively possess a blend of business and technology leadership experience, as an alternative to high priced consulting firms and staffing companies not equipped to understand the business drivers behind many projects. More than ever before, technology leaders and decision makers, from emerging businesses to global brands, are seeking value without the price tag that comes with large consulting firms. Additionally, technology leaders are requiring more speed and flexibility to acquire various technology skills from sources other than typical staffing companies which submit resumes backed only by guess work. 

Othon I. Herrera | Managing Partner & CEO |

Othon's experience includes leading IT and digital technology services firms with global reach. Throughout his career, he has created value for clients and shareholders, including private equity firms such as Charlesbank Capital Partners (Technisource) and The Cap Street Group. At T|Street, Othon is responsible for leading the firms strategic direction as well as personally overseeing the firms client relationships.

Douglas A. Stanley | Chief Technology Partner |

Possessing an indepth understanding of various technologies, Doug is recognized as a skilled systems integrator with a reputation for connecting with customers and demonstrating leadership in critical development efforts. Doug oversees the firm's specialties including REST Architecture, Modern Web Development, OLAP and Data Warehouse Design, Cloud Migration and Integration, IT Security and Information Assurance.

Kristen J. Mann | Partner, Resource Management |

Kristen possesses over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition. She leads T|Street's core competancy in resource assignment deployment and resource management. Kristen is also responsible for overseeing the firm's load-balancing techniques which help ensure that the group can deploy the resources required to clients on a just-in-time basis. 

Sela V. Kotler | Partner, Business Process Execution |

Sela has held various leadership positions with leading consulting firms throughout Europe and North America where she has been responsible for seeing internal and external process flows. In her role at T|Street, she heads the firm's mapping of internal operational process, e.g., talent acquisition, with those we practice in our client engagements. By "mirroring," we ensure we are constantly practicing what we preach.

Vance T. Keller | Partner, Chief Financial Officer |

With more than 20 years as an accounting and finance leader in the professional services industry with four of the leading global consulting brands, Vance is equiped to ensure that our pricing structure to our customers is fair and aligns with our clients business and project objectives.

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